A downloadable game

This is a mini... game thing where you paste (cmd-v) in a URL and the game will generate a level based on the page.

- Cmd-V to paste in a URL when on the URL entering GUI. Then, press Enter to start the level generation. Sometimes it might not work, so try again with another URL if this happens.

- A/D to move left/right, space to jump, S to duck and fall through semisolid platforms

- W to enter link doors.

- Touch the spinning thingies (Battle Chakras) to enter a rudimentary RPG battle against a procedual enemy. As of now, all enemies are functionally identical and the battle gameplay is very bland. It's a work-in-progress...

- Tab to bring back up the URL entering GUI (warning: you can't return to the gameplay you were just in if you do this!)

- A and D to select options in battles, Space to select. The only options that work are ATTACK  and RUN. The other two will softlock the game.

(screenshots are of the level generated from https://speciesdevblog.wordpress.com/ as of Jan 14 2019)

Install instructions

Download Processing to play this. I'll try to get it to work in-browser later, right now I just want to submit it before the deadline.


procjam2.zip 9 MB

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